Glenwood Springs, CO

16107306_610137762488501_6477912492843154927_oI always wanted to visit Colorado but, I didn’t want to be in the big city like Denver. I wanted to visit the small town side of Colorado with the beautiful scenery and local vibe. We searched for awhile to see what city would work for what we wanted. Glenwood Springs actually came up in conversation when I was working at my hotel. I was talking to a guest about wanting to go to Colorado and his daughter lived in Glenwood Springs and loved it. We drove to Colorado in January so we could experience the snow also.



We stayed at the Residence Inn in Glenwood Springs. The hotel and staff were amazing. We did a little exploring of the downtown area during our first night. The downtown area was so close to the hotel within a 5 minute walking distance.



The downtown area was amazing and certainly had the small town feel to it. We ate at a BBQ restaurant called Smoke. I had the brisket which melted in my mouth. The brisket had the most amazing smokey flavor and so tender. The restaurant was packed and the staff handled everyone amazingly.



There are so many activities around the area. This includes hot springs, an adventure theme park, tons of walking trails and mountains, and a lot of history. There are landmarks like Doc Holiday’s grave in the city and it has amazing views when hiking to the top of that. Also the wildlife is very abundant from deer to buffalo and everything in between.



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