Our Grand Canyon Trip

Every time I see a photo of the Grand Canyon I am speechless. For this reason I wanted to make sure I get to see the wonder myself. We decided to drive to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with our two dogs. We made reservations at the southern rim Mather campground for tent camping through the national park service (NPS.gov). We looked carefully for a site that would be centrally located to the entrance and other amenities. We were near the bathrooms, showers, water source, and the entrance to our loop. The campground is HUGE and you can easily get lost as I did a few times lol. There is a store in the campground for any shopping or souvenirs you may want. They sell everything from food to postcards and everything in between. The only thing I would highly suggest purchasing outside of the park is firewood. They sell firewood but at a very high mark up.
At the camp sites are fire rings that we used to cook food. We brought food with us so we would have to purchase anything. The weather was not the most ideal during our stay it was extremely windy and cold than we thought it would be. At night it was in the around 20 degrees and the high during the day around 50 degrees. This made for a wonderful time to hike but we were not prepared for the night temperature drops. I would highly suggest bringing extra warm clothing and sleeping bags no matter what the weather says.
We brought our dogs with us and of course they loved the nature and all that was around. Unfortantly they could not go down into the canyon and well of course that is what we wanted to do. Fortantly though there is a kennel centrally located that will take your animals. The staff was great and the price was not half bad. After we dropped off our dogs we headed to the canyon for some hiking. The trails are very rugged and steep so make sure to have some good hiking shoes and PLENTY of water. We went down to the 3 mile mark which going down was easy. Going back up however was not. It was now hot and the steepness of the trail really takes a toll on you.
The hike was amazing and the views were breath taking. The trail we took was the Bright Angel Trail. There are a view different trails some going down into the canyon and some just going around the rim of the canyon.
If you wanted to go even farther down and had the time you can hike down to the bottom of the canyon which I believe was about 9 miles one way. They do not suggest hiking to the bottom in one day. The trail can take some time and with the high temperatures at times it can even be deadly.
We do plan on going back as it was just such an amazing place. You could spend a week there and still not see everything. Our plan next time is to actually camp at the bottom of the canyon.
There is also a little museum that you can visit called the Kolb Studio. It was built in 1904 and was the home and photo studio to the Kolb Brothers. They successfully navigated and documented their journey of the Colorado River. The National Park Service now owns and maintains the studio. They have reinstated and kept up to make sure this piece of history stays with us.
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