Pizza Food Truck

A new Pizza food truck is in town and has changed the way we eat pizza. Pizza On Point, owned by Nathan and Lauren opened about 6 months ago and is keeping in tune with Keep Austin Weird. When you think of pizza, what may come to your mind is names like Papa John’s or Dominos and you have in your mind what pizza looks like. We also have huge NY slices, Detroit style, stuffed crust, and the list goes on. What if I told you about a new way to be served pizza but also eat the pizza itself. I present to you pizza cone. Now you want to know what the heck is a pizza cone. It is pizza dough shaped like an ice cream cone. Instead of the delicious ice cream you get mouth watering pizza ingredients stuffed down into the cone.
The dough is fresh. The ingredients are fresh and there is love put into every single pizza cone. They have speciality pizzas already set up like the Mac Daddy and the BBQ Chix which I highly recommend.
The BBQ Chix comes with a chicken tender on top and mixed within the pizza so every bite you get there’s a nice chunk of chicken.
The Mac Daddy is mac n cheese with one meat and one vegetable. I added bacon which makes everything amazing.
One thing I loved and I thought set it above regular pizza was the temperature. The pizzas stayed so hot the entire time I was eating that it felt like they just came out of the oven with every bite. The crust has a nice crunch to it while the rest is nice and soft. The cone makes it great to eat pizza on the go and a great lunch or late night meal. They are very filling and worth the money. I don’t feel cheated like at some trucks where you get small servings and leave feeling hungry still.
I had some time to speak with the owners and ask about the business and their direction. They spoke of experimenting with desserts which I think would be AMAZING!!!! They also will be looking into more gluten free and vegan options so keep your eyes open for that. They will also start hosting catering events so if you work in an office building reach out to them and have them park outside your building. One thing is for sure they have a great location right by the UT campus on the corner of 23rd and San Antonio street.
So if you are in the mood for some pizza but tired of the boring chain pizza places then head over to Pizza On Point it will not disappoint you. The pizza game has been changed and it is definitely for the good. I will definitely be back to eat here and look forward to seeing them grow.
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