Funky Brunch Cafe


While in Georgia we decided to go visit Savannah. I knew it had a nice rich history and was a beautiful place to see. We went for breakfast first and my sister recommended this place called The Funky Brunch Cafe.


This was a really cool cafe where their main “attraction” is cooking your own pancakes at the table on a large flat griddle. I ordered the pancake batter and you can get all kinds of add-ins which I ordered the bananas to go with the pancakes. I also ordered bacon and grits as a side item.



The batter was AMAZING it was sweet and savory and was the best batter I have had. They give you a bottle to make whatever size or design you want with the batter (see picture above). The bottle is actually on the large size and can make A LOT of pancakes where I was full and could not finish the grits.



It was really fun for all of us even though we were all adults. This is certainly a cool place to take the kids to experience something different. The cafe is centrally located in the downtown area and easy to locate. There is a paid parking lot right around the corner from the cafe.

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